About this blog

I love words. Words are powerful. They are a medium for expressing emotions, communicating, sharing ideas, and connecting. I decided to blog because I want to try to share how I look at the world, and because I believe that writing can help us to know ourselves better as we think about the words we choose in communicating.

I titled this blog The Tall Kid in the Back because that’s me in every group photograph I’ve ever been in, starting in kindergarten. I still tend to stay in the background, uncomfortable with very much attention.

I chose a banner with sunflowers because I had heard that they track the sun, and as a Christian, I love the symbolism of following God’s Son. But alas, I looked it up just now on Wikipedia to verify it, and found that it is a misconception that sunflowers behave in that manner. Oh well, I still think they are beautiful flowers and I’m sticking with the metaphor.

Thanks for reading!

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